Daniels Family Childcare

Lic# 334817070

Busy playing, learning, laughing, growing together and so much more!

Our Goals are to provide activities and experiences for children that are age appropriate as well as individually appropriate. This environment will continually develop readiness skills such as: reading, writing, listening, speaking, math, science, and socialization. Tapping into children’s natural curiosity and giving them ample opportunities to be active participants in their own learning. Natural settings offer children unlimited opportunities to explore and investigate, helping them build skills that create a solid foundation for future learning with both a Child Centered and Home-based Environment.

Your child will begin to develop a caring attitude toward others and will begin to develop self-discipline through gradually learning to make wise choices.
Your child will be encouraged to build skills in listening, language development and understand concepts related to size, shape, space, color, and distance. Reading and math readiness skills will be practiced. Your child will be given opportunities to reason, discover, explore, experiment, and generalize.
Our Learning Environment
Large bright sunlit  space dedicated and equipped for learning and play. The outside play space is equipped with a play structure, riding toys, a growing garden